Banfill Locke

The rain stopped! It was so wonderful to get out of the house and feel the sunshine yesterday. I took myself off to see what was happening at Banfill Locke. There were a few flowers popping up, and plenty of people were out fishing and walking…and avoiding the river, which is still covering the path in one area!

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Did you say ‘Storm’?

I don’t like storms. We were trying to watch NCIS: LA, but only got weather. blah. So, I grabbed my camera and went outside to stand in the rain. 🙂

Oh, Clouds!

Muggy Railing

Our garage after it stopped raining.

Oma’s Garden

I will must likely have many, many posts with this title. I visit The Garden often! I’ve been waiting for a few days now to get pictures of Oma’s tulips which all decided to bloom in the rain…thankfully I was able to get over there before they all cut cut off and put inside. 😉

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