Long Goodbyes

One Last Story

Katie and The Boys were able to extend their visit, which meant the Jordan’s annual Birthday Sleepover was able to happen! We stayed up all night watching movies, eating popcorn and playing with trucks and trains. Then we got u[ early and watched more movies while eating toast.

Then it was off to Grandma’s to get ready to for them to fly home to Daddy. It was a sweet afternoon of reading books, eating warm chocolate chip cookies and long good-byes.

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De-Light-Ful Judah

Judah has grown up sooo much in the few months he’s been at home (WA). Not in a bigger kind of way, he’s still just as small and light as at Christmas, but he has so much more personality and is so fun! He is the sweets-lover of the family and know what he wants… It will be hilarious when he finally starts talking.

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Holly’s Babyshower

Little Black Dress

While Katie was in town, we had a lovely baby shower for Holly (my cousin, Katie’s sister-in-law) who is due in September!

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Good Times

I have been so busy with life that I’ve not had time to edit all the photos I’ve taken, much less post them here! In the past two weeks, I’ve gotten a job (!), spent every moment awake with visiting family, parties, an ArtFest, and days at the beach with friends. Here are a couple of pictures of the cuteness which has taken up my time.

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And thus a promise of more to come as I get time to edit and post. 😉

Birthday All Week

Now Four

This week, a special little man turned 4. His name is Jordan. He is huge into Cars; Lightening McQueen and Mater are his favorites. One of his first words were ‘Piston cup’ when Cars first came out. Now he’s four, and we watched Cars 2! It’s never dull when Jordan’s near.

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