Family Times & Four-Square

While Katie, Marcus and the Three J’s were in town we had a big party where friends and family all gathered and we ate tons of good food and played four-square (tradition!).

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J-Two Talks!

J-Two is still small, but he is now talking and his favorite things to say are “Take a picture of my car.” “Where my cars go?” “Chicken butt!” “What are you going to do with me?” and “Hug!” (meaning: pick me up and carry me to where I want to go).

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Visiting with J-One

J-One is a laugh and a half.

One minute he’s playing make-believe as a King of Swords and Buyer of Suitcases, the Comedy Suitcase Traveling Man and the Jew in the Consulate. (don’t ask how he came up with these titles, we don’t know.)

Then he stopped playing in the pool, dropped to his knees and started praying for his imaginary friend, Monkey America, to come home.

And a long conversation of how “you can be a kid an’ adult at the same time.”

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