River Spirit :: Freedom

2007 bronze sculpture by Julie Ann Stage, Number 1 of 11

The city of St. Croix Falls commissioned local sculptor, Julie Ann Stage, to create a monument in bronze which would embody the poetry and natural beauty of the St. Croix River Valley.

River Spirit, unveiled on July 20th or 2007, is a local point for the city’s cultural, arts and historic district.

Limit-edition bronzes of River Spirit developed the program to create proceeds supporting arts and culture in the community.

Casting of River Spirit by Casting Creations.

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Garden Sale

Gardens! I love them. I’m not too good at keeping one up, but I know plenty of people who are. At the start of the summer (i know, i know, this is way late) I had an opportunity to help at a garden sale, which was a BLAST! Julie has the most amazing gardens and there were many hours spent there just drinking in the beauty.

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Adventures at Home

Keeping busy is sometimes hard to do. Lately it has been incredibly easy…

I have had a frog-friend living in my window for a week. It was nice and quiet with no crickets trying to sing me awake.

One day I had a craving for french toast, but we didn’t have any bread so I made some. We had really good french toast that night!

A cricket hung out on our front door for a full day. It was crazy to see him every time I went in or out.

My friend Kristin came over one day and we made a cake for dinner. A meat-loaf cake!

Mmmmm, garlic! We love garlic so much Dad planted some and the ground smells like garlic in that little corner of the garden.

And I like reading books by my window where I can look out and see birds congregate on the power lines.

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Laughing Waters

Smiling answered Hiawatha:
“In the land of the Dacotahs
Lives the Arrow-maker’s daughter,
Minnehaha, Laughing Water,
Handsomest of all women.
I will bring her to your wigwam,
She shall run upon your errands,
Be your starlight, moonlight, firelight,
Be the sunlight of my people!”
Over wide and rushing rivers
In his arms he bore the maiden;
Light he thought her as a feather,
As the plume upon his head-gear;
Cleared the tangled pathway for her,
Bent aside the swaying branches,
All the traveling winds went with them,
O-er the meadows, through the forest;
All the stars of night looked at them,
Watched with sleepless eyes their slumber…

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Garden at the Edge of Beyond

Oma bought me this book several years ago and I just LOVE the word pictures. It has become a favorite book that I re-read a few times every year, and Oma’s garden sometimes makes me remember the book even more.

Such flowers they were! – larger and fuller than any on earth, as if they themselves were the reality and those I had formerly loved were but their shadows. Not a petal or leaf showed speck of brown or wilt. Every inch of every plant was radiantly alive, as if they would continue to grow larger and more abundant of life the more one drank in their beauty. Decay did not appear among the characteristics of this place.

This strange land possessed a vague familiarity, as of a homeland infinitely distant in forgotten childhood, now suddenly remembered as the place one was always meant to live.

– Garden at the Edge of Beyond by Michael Phillips

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