Mid-Summer’s Visit

When family moves away, they are so much more appreciated when able to visit. And even more excitement is to be had when there’s a new little one is involved! J-Three will be introduced later. He did have fun meeting Ada, who is his age. 😉

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Adventures at Home

Keeping busy is sometimes hard to do. Lately it has been incredibly easy…

I have had a frog-friend living in my window for a week. It was nice and quiet with no crickets trying to sing me awake.

One day I had a craving for french toast, but we didn’t have any bread so I made some. We had really good french toast that night!

A cricket hung out on our front door for a full day. It was crazy to see him every time I went in or out.

My friend Kristin came over one day and we made a cake for dinner. A meat-loaf cake!

Mmmmm, garlic! We love garlic so much Dad planted some and the ground smells like garlic in that little corner of the garden.

And I like reading books by my window were I can look out and see birds congregate on the power lines.

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Crafty Gifts

I often use recipes as a starting point for my own creation. These gifts were no exception. It was a fun filled few weeks making these ornaments, and everyone on my gift-giving list will be getting hand made gifts this year! Don’t worry…you won’t see your gift posted here unless you’ve already gotten it.

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Here is the original link with directions on how to make your own.