{Springbrook} Fall Jaunt

Here we are in December and I’m still posting fall pictures! Well, it *is* my favorite time of year! Hopefully, we do not have snow yet…selah_candace_rose_springbrook3-1This was a calming walk, although quick, because of the brisk cold wind. A sweatshirt just wasn’t warm enough! selah_candace_rose_springbrook3-2



Most Wonderful Time of the Year

…and I’m not talking about snow-covered ground or colorful lights or songs that are only brought out once a year. I’m talking about Autumn! The leaves are changing color and falling off trees, it’s cold at night but can still get hot during the day. It’s my favorite time of year.

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Retreating – Labor Day

I know, I know…it’s waaaaaaay past Labor Day. School has started, leaves are changing colors…and I’m just now posting Labor Day pictures.  Well, it’s been a busy few weeks, with a funeral, canning salsa (yum!), looking for work, meeting new babies, getting training and putting plans into action for becoming a Relay Center during collection week with Operation Christmas Child. All big time-spenders. Now, on to pictures….

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