Meet: Me! (finally)

It has been a long time coming, but my ‘About Me’ page is finished!!

Check it out here!

(sharon) from my heart’s cry graciously allowed me to use her poem, Handprint, with these pictures to build this page. Check out the rest of her poems at my heart’s cry.


The wonder of your creation,
Displaying your imagination,
Calls out to the heart of me;
I love to dwell in your majesty.
It takes my breath away
Watching nature dance & play;
Your handprint is everywhere,
The beauty nearly too hard to bear.
So I take it all in,
Let every detail penetrate my skin;
And wrap myself in the glory
Of this world created for me.

The Morning Glory

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I awaken to the glory of the morn’,
sunshine streaking, birds cheerfully cheeping,
another day is born.

The Morning Glory inaudibly climbs,
and shares its shy beauty, so rare.
And, we know that behind its mystery,
Our Creative God is there.

He blesses us with sunshine,
He blesses us with rain,
because it’s only through the showers,
that do we not, remain the same.

So, as this new day awakens,
and I’m cradled securely in Your arms,
May Your love forever keep me safe,
and sheltered from all storms.

Sandra Lewis Pringle~