Minnesota Zoo with Cole

Hanging out with Cole is never dull, and lately he has taken to answering like a monkey! He is three now, and we took off for the Minnesota Zoo to take pictures with the animals.

We saw a komodo dragon, sharks, sea horses, butterflies, wolves, otters, beavers, frogs, and monkeys Cole calls the Suki-Monkey because they look like his dog, Suki. Penguins are Cole’s favorite animals right now.

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Hitting 60

Dad turned 60 this year. Dad wanted his birthday dinner at White Castle (yum!) but … we the family had other ideas. Everyone one Dad and Mom’s church and most of our family who was in town gathered at La Casita to celebrate. After dinner we went home to open gifts.

and we were served by Jesus. 😉

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River Spirit :: Freedom

2007 bronze sculpture by Julie Ann Stage, Number 1 of 11

The city of St. Croix Falls commissioned local sculptor, Julie Ann Stage, to create a monument in bronze which would embody the poetry and natural beauty of the St. Croix River Valley.

River Spirit, unveiled on July 20th or 2007, is a local point for the city’s cultural, arts and historic district.

Limit-edition bronzes of River Spirit developed the program to create proceeds supporting arts and culture in the community.

Casting of River Spirit by Casting Creations.

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