I Moved!

I had this blog since 2011. I’ve spent the past month going through my old posts and remembering everything that has happened between now and then! Births, weddings, trips, and address moving. This week is time for another address change, but not from one house to another.

Today will be my last post at this address. I have worked hard to get my new blog site up and running – including moving most posts and pictures there. Next week will be my first post there. Don’t worry, you’re  along with me!

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-10-17-50-amThere is still work to be done at my new web home, but I’m finding it true that if I wait for perfect the move will never happen. So, here we go! I’ll see you over there!



Looking Forward to a New Year

Every year, many people I know pick a Word of the Year to define the upcoming year. I’ve only started this in the past few years, and have noticed my Word of the Year doesn’t really follow the calendar year.

Two years ago, I chose Trust as my Word. I struggled with trusting God for all that life was throwing at me, and it seemed like a good first Word. When 2016 came around, I was praying about a new Word, and felt like I needed to keep Trust. So I did not change it.Wall of Trust

I have the word Trust on my wall, along with some other words that point me to trust. As 2015 and 2016 progressed, I wrote Bible verses and quotes from authors and friends which spoke of trusting in God and pinned them to my wall, forming a Wall of Trust.

A few months ago, I go the inkling that my Word was changing. It started with a verse:060716_mg_4278

This is at the end of the Valley of Dry Bones and I have always loved these verses.

This verse started a shift in my heart, and I knew my Word would be changing soon. And not waiting for 2017 to blow in like a frozen blizzard! A land has been promised me – a refuge, a home, a place to hide away and to invite others into peace. In this land I will be firmly planted by the Lord and there I will flourish.Firmly Planted

So my Word (more like a phrase!) is Firmly Planted and Flourishing. Living in this tension of the now and not yet has been interesting so far, but I am learning well that Jesus can be trusted, He has a plan filled with hope and a good future for me, He has not left me behind even when it fells like so many others have, I am a daughter of the Most High King of kings and He has lavished me with so many amazing gifts it will make my head spin as I start accepting them and opening them to share with those in my life.Flourish

Given my circumstances, my own land seems like a folly to hope for. But I know and trust that God has a plan for my life, and what He has promised me, He will fulfill. Just as Abraham received a seemingly impossible promise from God and kept hoping, so shall I.Keep Hoping

I am looking forward to 2017 with great expectation in my Lord. I can’t wait to see what He is working out in me! I am going to look for joy instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I carry this reminder with me everywhere I drive, thanks to the creativity and expertise of Revka at Fabled Treasures!Firmy Planted and Flourishing


This Business of Threshing

kandihamble-com_threshing-1While Janet was in town this fall, there was the Thresher’s show in Dalton, MN, and I was invited to go check things out! Being a city born and bred girl, I kinda geeked out at all the cool old engines I saw and watching two farmers thresh wheat! WHAAAAT?! kandihamble-com_threshing-2Chaff! Many of the machines were over a hundred years old! kandihamble-com_threshing-3All the belts and gears were fascinating! And seeing how the belts are repaired because replacement belts aren’t made anymore! kandihamble-com_threshing-4The little town there was sweet, with a church, store, and red school house. kandihamble-com_threshing-5We also watched a Railroad stake being made in the blacksmith shop! kandihamble-com_threshing-6 kandihamble-com_threshing-7There was a cute little old man sitting in the General Store. kandihamble-com_threshing-8




Hitting 60

Dad turned 60 this year. Dad wanted his birthday dinner at White Castle (yum!) but … we the family had other ideas. Everyone one Dad and Mom’s church and most of our family who was in town gathered at La Casita to celebrate. After dinner we went home to open gifts.

and we were served by Jesus. 😉

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Meet: Me! (finally)

It has been a long time coming, but my ‘About Me’ page is finished!!

Check it out here!

(sharon) from my heart’s cry graciously allowed me to use her poem, Handprint, with these pictures to build this page. Check out the rest of her poems at my heart’s cry.


The wonder of your creation,
Displaying your imagination,
Calls out to the heart of me;
I love to dwell in your majesty.
It takes my breath away
Watching nature dance & play;
Your handprint is everywhere,
The beauty nearly too hard to bear.
So I take it all in,
Let every detail penetrate my skin;
And wrap myself in the glory
Of this world created for me.