Hitting 60

Dad turned 60 this year. Dad wanted his birthday dinner at White Castle (yum!) but … we the family had other ideas. Everyone one Dad and Mom’s church and most of our family who was in town gathered at La Casita to celebrate. After dinner we went home to open gifts.

and we were served by Jesus. 😉

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Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is one of my all-time favorite things to do. I plan and shop all year long (with help!) for one night in November, just before Thanksgiving, when my whole church comes together to fill GO (Gospel Opportunity) boxes to send out through Samaritan’s Purse.

This year, with the help of many people (buying, filling, building boxes, setting up and cleaning after everything was done), we sent 200 GO boxes to Zambia!

One of my closest friends (and cousin!) was able to be in town with her family for this event, and her two-year-old was all about getting those boxes packed in the cartons to be sent to the Processing Center.

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Oh, Baby!

Baby showers are fun. Especially when there are babies! My cousin Jody had her baby, Abigail Kathleen Lily a few days before the baby shower. It was a wonderful day.

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Momma and Abigail



Grandma Pam

Hiding in the Closet


Blanket knitted by Great Grandma Dodge

Little Black Dress

Gift Opening

Prize Pansy

Daddy’s Little Girl