{Springbrook} Fall Jaunt

Here we are in December and I’m still posting fall pictures! Well, it *is* my favorite time of year! Hopefully, we do not have snow yet…selah_candace_rose_springbrook3-1This was a calming walk, although quick, because of the brisk cold wind. A sweatshirt just wasn’t warm enough! selah_candace_rose_springbrook3-2



{Springbrook} Fall First

kandihamble_springbrook_fallfirst-1Fall is my favorite season for a couple reasons. First, THE COLORS! They are glorious! kandihamble_springbrook_fallfirst-2I also love how it’s cool (alright, in MN it can get COLD!) at night but warm during the day. kandihamble_springbrook_fallfirst-3The reeds look like they’re in ice, don’t they? This day was a PERFECT fall day! kandihamble_springbrook_fallfirst-4 kandihamble_springbrook_fallfirst-5I went down a path I don’t often take, and saw some pretty colors. kandihamble_springbrook_fallfirst-6If you would like to see more of my fall photos from Springbrook, follow me on Instagram!