Field Day 2016

selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_01A couple of years ago, Jordan wanted to have a field day with his cousins, which has started a wonderful tradition. This was the Third Annual Russie Field Day. Cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and Grandma were in attendance. selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_02There were some non-water races and then water joined the fun. It was super hot out, so the water was a welcomed addition. selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_03J4 and I played spectators, since he was too young and someone had to keep him from falling face-first into the pool (again). He didn’t seem to mind too much since he received his own little J4-safe pool and he got to eat lunch in his pool! selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_04 selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_05 selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_06There were also some side sand-games, played by Sam and Tyler before they joined in the water games. These games were cake making and hole digging. selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_07 selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_08One one the funnest games to watch was a summer spin on Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. It goes Drip, Drip, Dump and involves dripping and pouring water and chasing. It was hilarious to watch! selah_candace_rose_FieldDay_10Field Day always concludes with snacks, and this year there was also grilled pizza!


Baseball Champions!

Ryan’s team won the championship game! They are a great team.

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Good Times

I have been so busy with life that I’ve not had time to edit all the photos I’ve taken, much less post them here! In the past two weeks, I’ve gotten a job (!), spent every moment awake with visiting family, parties, an ArtFest, and days at the beach with friends. Here are a couple of pictures of the cuteness which has taken up my time.

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And thus a promise of more to come as I get time to edit and post. 😉

Baseball, con’t

Ryan’s team beat the White Bear team pretty good yesterday! It was fun to watch Ryan pitch, and see all the great plays. Which, I may only think some of them were great because I know not much about baseball. But it was still fun.

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