{Janet’s Germany} Meissen Cathedral

selah_candace_rose_MeissenDom_1Janet and I took a tour bus up to Castle Hill, where Albrechtsburg and the Cathedral still stand. King Heinrich I founded the fortress “Misnia” on the castle hill high above the Elbe river in 929. The Cathedral was built between 1260 -1425. The twin towers were added later in 1909.
selah_candace_rose_MeissenDom_2The Meissen Cathedral or Church of St John and St Donatus (German: Meißner Dom) is a Gothic church in Meissen in Saxony. In 1581 the Meissen diocese was dissolved in the course of the Protestant Reformation, and the church was used by the Protestant Church since. It is the cathedral church of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Saxony. selah_candace_rose_MeissenDom_3We did not make it inside except for the Room of Silence because we decided to tour the castle first and that took long enough that we only had a few minutes to catch the last bus back down to Meissen.selah_candace_rose_MeissenDom_4 selah_candace_rose_MeissenDom_5 selah_candace_rose_MeissenDom_6There is a lovely little courtyard outside that we spent a lovely minute in. selah_candace_rose_MeissenDom_7This bridge is the second oldest bridge still standing in Germany, leading up to Albrechtsburg and the Cathedral. selah_candace_rose_MeissenDom_8 Next week I will take you on a tour inside Albrechtsburg, the Meissen Castle!selah_candace_rose_MeissenDOM







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