{Janet’s Germany} Meissen

selah_candace_rose_Meissen_01Meißen (mīs´ən) is a city in Saxony, East Central Germany. It is on the Elbe River. Janet has made her home here for the past 5 years.

selah_candace_rose_Meissen_02 selah_candace_rose_Meissen_03Janet lives in a wonderful house that seems to go up and up and up! Up in the attic is where I stayed; it was the coolest place in the house! In the basement, Janet’s landlords cure meat for their catering business. selah_candace_rose_Meissen_04Getting to Germany had a rough start. The airline didn’t have their paperwork in order and once it was finally approved, the pilots had disappeared! We landed so late that everyone on the flight missed their connecting flights. I ended up not getting to Janet until almost 7 pm, when I was supposed to be picked up at 1:40! selah_candace_rose_Meissen_06selah_candace_rose_Meissen_07We stopped at a Lidl for some take home dinner and then we arrived home and took the hike up all the flights of stairs with all the luggage. Oi! After we ate it was bed time for me and work time for Janet. selah_candace_rose_Meissen_05The next day we walked around Meissen and Janet took me to her favorite restaurant for dinner. It is a little Vietnamese place close to Janet’s home. The owner has the most beautiful 350 year old bonsai tree! selah_candace_rose_Meissen_08Germans take pride in the cleanliness and beauty of their cities. It seemed like every window had a window box with beautiful flowers and wildflowers grew all over! The many trees gave shade to walkers. selah_candace_rose_Meissen_09 selah_candace_rose_Meissen_10Here are some fun facts about Meissen:
Founded in 929 by Henry of Saxony (later German king as Henry I).
The Albrechtsburg (15th cent.), a large castle, dominates the city.
Meissen is famous for its delicate figurines (often called “Dresden” china), since 1710.
selah_candace_rose_Meissen_11The trials with flying Condor was made up by the beauty of Germany. While I won’t fly with them again, I am already planning another trip to see more of Germany! Be looking for more about my Germany trip in the upcoming weeks!selah_candace_rose_Meissen_12







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